Infographic: Over Half of Consumers Start Their Online Shopping on Amazon

Compared to 21.8% on Google and 17.2% on a brand's website

However, that doesn’t mean shopping in a store is a thing of the past. - Credit by Carlos Monteiro
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Amazon is a major force in online shopping, and while some brands may feel averse, advertising on Amazon is an increasingly solid investment for retail brands, according to new research from Toluna. Approximately 51% of consumers start their online shopping by searching Amazon, followed by Google (21.8%) and brands’ websites (17.2%).

However, that doesn’t mean shopping in a store is a thing of the past. Almost 65% of consumers say they shop in-store for one hour or more every week, while only 58.3% say the same for online shopping. But consumers tend to spend more time at a go on an online-shopping binge—10.3% say they spend over five hours a week shopping online, compared with the 5.3% who spend that much time shopping in stores.

“Retailers’ interest in shifting their advertising spend to Amazon is justifiably high,” said Janice Caston, vp, global marketing, Toluna. “… [But] consumers continue to value the retail experience.”

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