Infographic: What People Want From Direct-to-Consumer Brands

And the most effective DTC advertising

The most compelling reason for trying out a new DTC brand is a free trial period (27.4%). Carlos Monteiro
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From Allbirds to Dollar Shave Club, DTC brands are popping up everywhere and across categories, imploring consumers via aesthetically pleasing, colorful ads to ditch store brands and try out their products. Still, fewer than half have purchased a DTC product, according to new data from Toluna and social media intelligence platform Unmetric, although that number is growing.

The most compelling reason for trying out a new DTC brand is a free trial period (27.4%), followed by an appealing online presence (21.4%) and loyalty benefits (16.7%). Additionally, consumers cited ads they saw on social media as the top reason they decided to make a purchase.

“The data shows positive momentum and consumer interest in DTC brands,” said Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan. “In addition to offering incentives such as a free trial period and new member benefits, DTC brands should also be sure to highlight positive reviews and feedback. As social media is the dominant channel for both driving initial awareness and sales, DTC brands should build a robust presence that includes social advertising but also focuses on cultivating a loyal follower base, positive engagement and social customer service.”

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