IQ News: Ad Shops Upgrade Data

In the quest to provide advertisers with insight into their audiences and the effectiveness of their ads, ad network DoubleClick, New York, and ad management system AdKnowledge, Palo Alto, Calif., this week will both introduce initiatives that provide new data to gauge return on investment.
While the new offerings in some ways mimic those provided by other rival shops, they represent a trend among media shops to provide more and better data mining technology. “We’ve had the cry going out across the wasteland of Internet advertising for ROI over the last year,” said Jim Nail, senior analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research.
DoubleClick is bolstering its DART for Advertisers ad serving service with technology from San Francisco-based Mediaplex providing “enterprise information,” such as inventory availability and pricing, to better target ads before they are served. AdKnowledge’s new service helps determine the effectiveness of a campaign that has already run.
David Rosenblatt, vice president and general manager of closed loop marketing solutions at DoubleClick, said the agreement to use Mediaplex’s Mobile Java Objects (Mojo) technology will allow DART to better target campaigns.
For example, a commerce site could serve an ad offering a special price for items based on how many are in stock. “[DART] identifies the consumer, and Mojo will create the most relevant marketing message,” explained Mediaplex chairman and CEO Gregory Raifman. In addition, Mediaplex has hired DoubleClick to handle its ad delivery, previously done in-house. Terms of the multi-year deal were not disclosed.
AdKnowledge’s new data mining tool, DataDNA, is part of its eAnalytics group, which includes its Advisor tracking service and Voyager Profile demographic system. The system tracks what an impression did over time. The technology will record what user was exposed to what ad and, even if they don’t click through, the system will track that user until they find their way to the advertiser’s site. This offers data that links impressions to hits, regardless of click-through.

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