IQ News: Strategis Surveys Sites

For Branding, and More
–The Web is not being used significantly by advertisers to build brand equity, and online advertising is still dominated by computer-related businesses, according to a soon-to-be-released study by The Strategis Group, a telecommunications consulting and market research firm.
Between April and June, Washington, D.C.-based Strategis observed 6,972 online ads, including 2,192 banners and 4,780 buttons, by 700 advertisers on most of Media Metrix’s top 50 sites. The most visible online advertisers, the study said, were, followed closely by, Microsoft, NextCard Visa and CDnow. The top categories of advertising were computers (11 percent), books (10 percent), credit cards (8 percent) and general merchandise (7 percent).
Of the Fortune 25 companies, 13 had no ads among the nearly 7,000 in the survey. Other big brands, including Taco Bell and Mobil, also were missing. Jeff Moore, a Strategis Group consultant, said their images are built offline. “They are unrelated to e-commerce,” he said. “You do not buy tacos over the Web.”
The survey found very few non-banner and button ad models. “We found only five [sites] that actually use one form of interstitial, a little pop-up window,” Moore said. They were America Online, Netscape,, and Lycos. Those ads all were self-promotional, except for a Budget Rent a Car ad that ran on Lycos. The study also found that online casinos have a greater Net presence than branded consumer products, and community sites are more visible than telecommunications companies.

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