it gets a three for creativity

It was funny and kitschy, but did not seem to be a factor in Al Gore’s drubbing of Bill Bradley in the Iowa caucus last week. Still, ad executive Richard Kirshenbaum quipped that Bradley “buys good work.”
Kirshenbaum, co-chairman at New York agency Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners and part of an ad team working for Bradley, enlisted copywriter Christian Hosford and art director Donnell Johnson to create a print campaign poking fun at Bradley’s basketball roots.
One ad, with an image of Bradley from his days in the New York Knicks, carried the headline,
“Academic scholar, basketball star, presidential candidate.” It concluded: “Basically the guy you hated in high school.” Another ad, with a recent photo of a suited Bradley, asked, “Remember your favorite teacher in school?” before replying, “He’s running for president.”
The ads, which targeted young adults and appeared as posters, eschewed a tag for the line, “Bill Bradley for president.”
Bradley chuckled when he first saw the work, said Kirshenbaum, who noted, “I think you have to have a good sense of humor to run these.” –Andrew McMains