Mint Mobile’s First Super Bowl Spot Shows People Drinking ‘Chunky-Style Milk’ and Might Make You Cringe

In-house creative team came up with the idea for the 30-second spot

Mint's hope is that chunky milk spot will stick in audience's minds long after the Super Bowl. Mint Mobile
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Mint Mobile, the three-year-old wireless company, will air its first Super Bowl ad on Sunday. The idea for the 30-second spot, which will air after a coach’s challenge, came from an in-house creative team.

The ad stars the company’s spokesfox and shows a family drinking “chunky-style milk” to illustrate the difference between right and wrong, with Mint Mobile pitching its cheaper alternative to higher cost mobile carriers as the right thing to do.

“We’re looking for a reaction to it,” said Aron North, svp of marketing and creative for Mint Mobile, when asked why the brand wants to show people drinking chunky milk during the Big Game. “If you dull the edges of the work, people will forget your brand. This ad is one of a three-part ad campaign. It gives you the strongest and most visceral reaction.”

Two other spots, which show people doing other strange things like showering on top of a carpet or putting fingers into dips, have already run.

“The Super Bowl gives you permission to push the boundaries of what you would do in a traditional spot,” said North. Creativity and uniqueness will get consumers to react. You don’t have to have a huge budget when you have a creatively unique spot.”

North explained that Mint Mobile just started running broadcast ads this past spring. “We’re more than doubling in size every year we’ve been around,” said North. “We wanted to let everybody know we exist and give America a viable alternative option versus traditional big wireless brands.”

The company has also partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders to help get the word out about Mint Mobile’s offerings.

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