Monday Miscellany

* Among adults who use the Internet at least occasionally, 25 percent said they’re “very comfortable” and 39 percent “somewhat comfortable” using their credit cards to make online purchases. (Rasmussen Reports)
* Thirty-four percent of the parents in a recent survey agreed that they have “reduced spending on your children’s activities such as music lessons, sports programs or summer camp.” (ABC News/Washington Post)
* The sales of “suncare” products are expected to rise 36 percent between 2008 and 2013. A 20 percent increase is predicted for sales of anti-aging skin-care products. (Mintel)
* Based on unemployment and foreclosure rates, plus the ratio of average non-mortgage debt to average income, Nebraska was rated the financially happiest state, followed by Iowa and Kansas. Oregon was rated the least financially happy, with Florida and California close behind. (The’s

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