New Campaigns: New England

Client: The Boston Globe, Boston

ency: Holland Mark Martin, Boston

eative Director: Bob Minihan

t Director: Sandi Quatrale

pywriter: Amy Flanagan

Who is Joe Buxley? That’s the question posed in a 60-second mockumentary spot promoting home delivery of The Boston Globe. The hapless Buxley never appears in the commercial crafted by Holland Mark Martin. We learn about his misfortunes from ‘interviews’ with people who know him. Buxley could have avoided all his bad luck if he had subscribed to the Globe. The spot is one of two Holland Mark Martin created for the newspaper’s annual effort to boost subscriptions. ‘Buxley’s World’ touts daily delivery; ‘Making Sunday Better’ is a humorous family-oriented spot targeting weekend readers. Holland Mark Martin has undertaken direct response assignments for the paper for several years. Ingalls, Quinn & Johnson in Boston handles the client’s image advertising. The paper may use Holland Mark Martin for additional subscription ads this year, but as yet no commitment has been made. –David Gianatasio


Client: Quincy Hospital, Quincy, Mass.

Agency: McKay Fried & Partners, Boston

Creative Director: Marvin Fried

Art Director: Glenn Kennedy

Copywriter: Rob Murray

Pity poor Billy. In McKay Fried & Partners’ new campaign for Quincy Hospital, he is pictured with a bandage wrapped around his head. The headline reads: ‘Billy made contact with our emergency staff minutes after he made contact with Hancock Street.’ The campaign is McKay’s attempt to re-fashion the hospital’s image after a series of well-publicized surgical blunders damaged its reputation. ‘We wanted to help them get back on track; the objective is to renew community loyalty and trust and give it a positive image,’ said creative director Marvin Fried. Newspaper ads broke early this month; radio spots and billboards are also in the works. –Sarah Jones


Client: MedSpan, Hartford, Conn.

Agency: Cronin & Co., Glastonbury, Conn.

Creative Director: Steve Wolfberg

Art Director: Maureen Gawron

Producer: Lester Ayala

Director: Anita Madiera

Just in time for spring, Cronin & Co. has produced a television commercial titled ‘Daisy’ for MedSpan. The Hartford, Conn.-based healthcare network strives to woo corporate decision makers and employees by touting its ‘healthy’ team of professionals. No clinical references are made in the ad. Its creators chose to emphasize the doctor/patient relationships that MedSpan claims are its forte. ‘There is something we all have in common: healthy relationships,’ the voiceover begins, while shots of a glowing couple cuddling over a bunch of daisies flash on the screen. The flowers pop up at intervals throughout the spot, appearing in a little girl’s drawing and as a gift to a teacher, to reinforce the personal connections and healthcare teamwork that MedSpan maintains are its foundation. The tagline, ‘Discover the world of healthy relationships,’ is uttered at the end of the spot while a young boy presents a drawing of a daisy to the doctor who has just finished examining him. The 30-second spot represents the first time that MedSpan has advertised on television. The spot aired April 14 throughout Connecticut. Cronin & Co. has handled advertising for the healthcare provider since June. –Sarah Jones

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New England

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