CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Steve Feldman, Jeff Linder
PRODUCER: Susan Jurick
DIRECTOR: Larry Bridges/Johnson-Burnett Productions, Hollywood
CLIENT: NYCE, The New York Switch Corporation
The next step in the evolution of the ATM card has arrived in the Northeast – at least for NYCE bank card holders – and TBWA/New York has crafted television spots to deliver the news. In a pair of informational commercials, the agency tells consumers they can now use New York Cash Exchange cards instead of cash, checks or credit cards at supermarkets and gas stations.
The new service allows a card tied into NYCE, the region’s largest electronic funds transfer network, to subtract money from a consumer’s bank account each time it’s used to buy gas or pay for groceries. ‘These debit cards will really be the thing of the future, as people turn away from paper money and more to plastic,’ says TBWA art director Steve Feldman. In one spot, an ATM transforms itself into a gas pump to show a man how easy the card is to use. In another, a talking ATM tells a young mother about the virtues of using the NYCE card at the supermarket. Both spots break this week.
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