‘Older, Bolder’ Tequila via Arnell

NEW YORK Jose Cuervo International will launch a national print advertising campaign for its 1800 Tequila brand next month.

Created by the Arnell Group of New York, the campaign’s “A little bit older, a whole lot bolder” tagline refers to the brand’s 200-year history.

“The ads for 1800 are really positioned to talk to consumers who are looking to trade up to a super-premium tequila, while adding style and quality to their experience,” Bevin Gove, head of public relations for Jose Cuervo, said.

Though Jose Cuervo aims to appeal to a mixed-gender audience with the ads, its media buy skews toward men, the main consumers of tequila, Gove said. The campaign kicks off on the back cover of Maxim‘s July issue and will appear in magazines such as GQ, Men’s Journal, ESPN The Magazine and Rolling Stone.

The campaign features four different scenarios of “threshold moments,” in which the product serves as the source of a unique experience for consumers. “Dance” depicts a man and woman dancing the tango. “Flash” spotlights a woman wearing a trench coat, flashing two men. “Stakes” shows a group playing poker. “Movietime” pictures a woman lying in bed between two men with a bowl of popcorn. The ads, printed in orange and red tones, attempt to put a playful twist on each scenario to provoke the readers to wonder what will happen next.

“We think the bold colors and statements will be exciting and appealing to the high-energy consumers we are trying to reach,” Gove said.

Jose Cuervo’s media budget for the campaign was unavailable. In 2002, the company spent less than $100,000 advertising the 1800 Tequila brand, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

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