OTX, IPG Lab Join for Research

Consumer research firm OTX and IPG’s Emerging Media Lab in Los Angeles have formed a strategic alliance. The purpose, they said, is to help their clients better under how to use the ever-expanding variety of media content and platforms to create compelling brand experiences.
The Lab includes a “smart” kitchen, digital living room, gaming room and digital out-of-home display to showcase and test how consumers interact with an array of existing and emerging media. Those facilities will allow OTX’s clients to get a better handle on how and why consumers interact with media, content and advertising, the parties said.
The IPG Lab, in turn, will benefit from a full-service research partner “who will provide context from the depth and range of its ongoing consumer tracking studies,” the companies said in a statement.
Under the strategic alliance, OTX will have full access to the Lab for research, input from staffers and the ability to pass along qualitative insights to its syndicated research products and services.
As part of the agreement, OTX and IPG will issue periodic white papers and reports based on the findings from their collaborative studies.
Also, IPG will have access to all of OTX’s syndicated research products and services, such as TV Dailies, Movie Dailies, Video GamePlan and ConsumerMaps, among others.
The partners have worked together in the past. One project included research MTV Networks commissioned for Comedy Central and Spike. Beth Coleman, vp, audience research for MTV Networks’ Entertainment, said the work “yielded new and unique insights.”
Lori Schwartz, svp and director of the Lab, said the alliance is “an alignment that makes sense as the industry strives to provide deeper and more meaningful consumer insights that can translate into real-world marketing solutions.”
OTX CEO Shelly Zalis said the new arrangement offers another way for the research firm “to fulfill our promise to provide better, deeper insights and strategic guidance for our clients.”