Popeyes Made a Near 7-Foot Box of Chicken to Honor NBA Draft Top Pick Zion Williamson’s Wingspan

77 wings, 11 biscuits, 11 servings of fries

For one day, at a single location, Popeyes offered “The Wingspan Box.” Popeyes, GSD&M

Rising basketball star Zion Williamson has a modest wingspan of 6 feet, 10 inches.

So what better way for Popeyes to celebrate him on draft day than an equally-wide box of chicken wings?

On Thursday, for one day at a single location—Canal Street in New Orleans—the Louisiana-founded fast-food chain offered “The Wingspan Box,” packed with 77 boneless wings, 11 biscuits and 11 servings of french fries (in other words, way too much food for a single human to eat at once, no matter how long-armed).

Priced at just $74.69, the box—created by GSD&M—is now, for countless stoned teenagers across the country, the one that got away.

Williamson, for his part, landed that night with the Pelicans—netting the first pick of the draft, as was expected, and confirming that he’s headed for the Big Easy.

So maybe Popeyes will rustle up one more box for the welcome party.

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