PR Newswire Offers Press Release Pickup Metrics

In the pre-Internet days, press releases went off into the ether, but now marketers are tracking the ROI in increasingly complex ways.

The latest tool for marketers and public relations executives aiming to track the ROI on their press releases are Visibility Reports, a new service PR Newswire rolled out this week that tabulates blog pickup, total reads and even geographic concentration for pickup. About 35 PR Newswire clients have used the service so far.

Such data had been available from disparate sources, but PR Newswire worked with iCrossing, a search engine optimization firm, to consolidate the results and offer a score (ranked zero to 100) that gauges visibility and engagement for a release. Matt Kropp, managing director at iCrossing, said that if a release gets a score under 50 that indicates a relatively low pickup and engagement, in which case PR Newswire offers services to help its clients tailor their releases to rank higher on search results.

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