Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Social Commerce and Influencer Marketing?

Test your knowledge of monetizing online platforms

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Marketing on the internet is an art and a science. - Credit by Getty Images
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Managing a brand’s social accounts and keeping followers engaged is challenging enough, but converting those fans into customers is another matter entirely.

Social platforms, from established players like Facebook and YouTube to newer challengers like Instagram and TikTok, are evolving to accommodate social commerce, but there can be a learning curve to tapping into these opportunities. Plus, with “authenticity” as the trend of the moment, partnering with influencers—and more importantly, the right influencers—is a more vital strategy than ever.

So, just how much do you know about social commerce and influencer marketing? We’ve created a quiz drawn from one of the lessons in Monetizing Engagement, an online course with content curated by professor Jonathan Simon for Adweek’s Institute for Brand Marketing, designed in collaboration with IBM Watson Advertising.

The full course, one of two offered through the Institute of Brand Marketing, takes a deep dive into the new ways brands are monetizing marketing efforts across channels (such as social and mobile), how certain technologies can help, and methods for attributing sales (and other KPIs) to marketing efforts. Both online courses are complimentary for anyone with an Adweek.com registration. Take the full online course to learn more about monetizing engagement.

@JessZafarris jessica.farris@adweek.com Jess Zafarris (née Jessica Farris) is an audience engagement editor at Adweek.
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