repressed memory

Coming up with creative executions for Mom’s Country Store ‘n Restaurant was akin to therapy for some Young & Laramore staffers.
“There were all kinds of painful moments of people discussing their childhoods and what their mothers used to say,” said Charlie Hopper, creative director at the Indianapolis shop.
The print ads, for a comfort food restaurant chain in the Carolinas, each feature a plate of food and text that plays on nagging mothers. “Come on in. Have a bite. Sit up straight. Finish your vegetables. Quit teasing your sister,” reads one ad. Another says, “You’ll eat your food and you’ll like it, young man.”
“It all stems from the name,” Hopper said. The creatives kept going through the mom clichƒs until they tapped some good ones, he said.
Fortunately, Hopper said, Y&L’s creative team seems to have survived revisiting its childhood scars and sibling rivalries.
–Jenn Godd

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