RJ Reynolds Sweeps Puts Pedal to the Metal

CHICAGO — R.J. Reynolds is again promoting its Winston No Bull 5 Event, a direct mail sweepstakes that dangles $2 million to Nascar drivers and consumers.

Five sweeps finalists will win a free trip to a designated No Bull 5 race, which will be run in Las Vegas, Charlotte, Daytona, Richmond and Talladega next year. Pre-race pairing events such as go-cart races or pit crew tire changing challenges will match the top five drivers from a previous No Bull 5 race with the new sweepstakes winners. If the driver wins the next No Bull 5 race, he and his fan each win $1 million.

Sweepstakes entries started mailing this week. Entries also will be distributed at Nascar events.

— Mike Beirne

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