RJR Puts Winston Into Review

Southeast Shops Vie for Creative Portion of $37 Mil. Account
NEW YORK–It’s no bull. Winston Cigarettes has put the creative portion of its $37 million account into review.
Incumbent Long Haymes Carr, Winston-Salem, N.C., confirmed the re-view and estimated the account at $37 million, but did not break down the media and creative budgets.
Winston, an R.J. Reynolds Tobacco unit, also located in Winston-Salem, is hearing pitches from several shops, said sources. LHC said it will defend and pitched last week.
Doe-Anderson Advertising in Louisville, Ky.; SFGT, Philadelphia; and an unnamed Philadelphia shop are also in the review, said sources. Philadelphia’s Gyro, which creates print ads for RJR’s Kamel Red and Kamel Menthe and has done project work for Winston, would not confirm or deny it is the fourth candidate. SFGT could not be reached; Doe-Anderson did not comment. RJR did not return calls by press time.
The client spent $28 million on ads last year, per Competitive Media Reporting. The review does not include media duties, handled by LHC.
Winston’s current “No bull” advertising campaign claims the company does not put additives into its tobacco. In 1999, Winston was asked by the Federal Trade Commission to add a disclaimer stating “no additives” does not mean safer cigarettes. Winston’s sales have grown since the “No bull” slant debuted in 1998. Market share is 4.93 percent, up from 4.86 percent before the campaign, per RJR’s Web site.
Jim White, a former LHC creative director who oversaw the Winston account and now holds the same title at Doe-Anderson, is credited with helping create the “No bull” campaign.
LHC’s clients include Camel Cigarettes, Stren Fishing Lines, and Remington Firearms & Ammunition, among others. The agency’s logo, conceived by chief executive officer Steve Zades and printed on its T-shirts, is: “Eat What You Kill.” –with Emily Fromm

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