safety in numbers

Driving in Chicago traffic is never easy, but for the Red Gold mobile marketing team, it’s particularly tough.
For the next three months, a caravan of five canary yellow Volkswagen Beetles
–emblazoned with images of Red Gold tomatoes and the Orestes, Ind.-based company’s logo–will tour the Windy City. For maximum impact, the company’s ad agency, Boyden & Youngblutt in Fort Wayne, Ind., decided the promotional vehicles should always travel in a pack.
Agency executive Chris O’Rourke concedes getting five cars through an intersection can be a challenge, but, she said, “We’re very careful and drive at a slower speed.”
That’s certainly no way to win over Chicago drivers, but apparently the coupons and free recipes the group is offering help. Now if only the shop could do something about the random vehicles trying to merge with the caravan.
“For some reason, there is always someone who wants to get in there,” O’Rourke said.
–Jenn Godd

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