Samsung Gets Artists to Doodle All Over Your Photos With the Galaxy Note8’s Stylus

There's a live event in NYC, too

Samsung draws attention to its Galaxy Note8 handset by asking artists and designers to use the phone’s trademark S Pen stylus—made famous in this well-received recent commercial—to embellish photos submitted by consumers.

Dubbed “NoteIt,” the campaign, which began on Sunday and runs through tomorrow, is designed to illustrate the Note8’s ability to help users expand their communication style and explore their range of creative expression.

So far, it seems folks have sent a lot of cute dog and cat pictures to Samsung’s Instagram and Twitter handles for S Pen-pimping. (We’re shocked. Shocked!)

Here’s a (no doubt fickle) feline face adorned by illustrator Steffi Tsai:

Gemma Correll also scratches up a kitty motif, and this one’s got a Halloween spin:

To be fair, Correll also seeks to please puppy fans with this scary-cute widdle guy:

Meanwhile, tabbies everywhere should appreciate this fishy entry from Richie Velasquez:

Here, the artist takes a second dive:

On Tuesday night, NoteIt expands into the physical world with an event hosted by illustrator Shantell Martin at Samsung 837, the company’s digital exhibition space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Some of the work from the campaign will be displayed, and other illustrations will be done on site.

All in all, the campaign puts a fun twist on product demos to give users a vivid picture of the S Pen’s capabilities.

And did we mention the cray-adorbs furry friends?

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