The Spot: Oh, Baby

E*Trade takes its talking tot around the world in a high-octane Super Bowl spot from Grey

Headshot of Tim Nudd

IDEA: The E*Trade baby isn't known as a world traveler. All that changed Sunday in the company's high-energy Super Bowl spot, in which the talking toddler showed what you could do with the 401(k) dollars you're losing to hidden fees. In short, you could have one hell of a world party, as a photo montage during the spot demonstrated, showing the baby running with the bulls (in a BabyBjorn), sailing (poorly), taking a trip to space (with a dog) and playing polo (like a boss), among other expensive activities—all set to pounding music. It's a boisterous evolution for the normally highchair- and crib-bound infant. "It is a different kind of spot," said Tor Myhren, president and chief creative officer of Grey in New York. "In other ads, we've had a little puke here, a clown there. But mostly it was 30 seconds of a streetwise baby saying funny things. This year we went to a more visual solution." Added E*Trade CMO Nick Utton: "It's exponentially more difficult each year to keep it fresh and have a different messaging component. … Tor and the team haven't been sleeping much, but we are very pleased with how it turned out."

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.