This Week’s 10 Most Digitally Engaging Ads

Apple's AirPods spot featuring Lil Buck is back on top

Apple retakes the lead this week, although the insurance industry still comes out strong in Adweek’s look at the most digitally engaging commercials, powered by, the real-time TV ad measurement company.

In first place is the cinematic iPhone 7 + AirPods ad featuring Lil Buck jammin’ around town to music by Marian Hill. UnitedHealthcare continues to hold at No. 2 with its chuckle-inducing commercial in which two older men test the reflexes of Chuck Norris in a diner. And Geico spots are sprinkled throughout this week’s ranking at Nos. 3, 8 and 10.

Newcomer Nintendo snags fourth place with a commercial for the new Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World game, available on Feb. 3. The spot alternates between espousing the usefulness of yarn and showcasing the cuteness of the new characters in Yoshi’s latest adventure.

Previously ranked spots from Verizon and Madden NFL finish out the chart, along with a second ad from Apple showcasing the power of the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera. Bezos’ Hawaiian Orchestra is featured in the iPhone spot, which has been on and off the chart for weeks.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

powered by

1. Apple iPhone 7 + AirPods TV Spot, ‘Stroll’ Featuring Lil Buck, Song by Marian Hill

26.03 percent digital SOV; 1,806,213 online views; 4,659 social actions

2. UnitedHealthcare TV Spot, ‘Lunch With Chuck’ Featuring Chuck Norris

24.91 percent digital SO; 1,026,260 online views; 10,295 social actions

3. Geico TV Spot, ‘Undercover: Great Answer’

5.69 percent digital SOV; 305,395 online views; 1,882 social actions

4. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World TV Spot, ‘A Woolly Distraction’

2.81 percent digital SOV; 57,553 online views; 1,644 social actions

5. Verizon 5GB Plan TV Spot, ‘All the Data You Want’

2.71 percent digital SOV; 67,687 online views; 1,495 social actions

6. Apple iPhone 7 Plus TV Spot, ‘Take Mine’ Song by Bezos’ Hawaiian Orchestra

2.42 percent digital SOV; 53,040 online views; 1,364 social actions

7. Madden NFL 17 TV Spot, ‘Karaoke’ Featuring Antonio Brown

1.93 percent digital SOV; 54,573 online views; 976 social actions

8. Geico TV Spot, ‘Tiki’s Barber Shop: It’s Not Surprising’ Featuring Tiki Barber

1.60 percent digital SOV; 27,273 online views; 937 social actions

9. Verizon 5GB Plan TV Spot, ‘5GB for $55’

1.53 percent digital SOV; 803 online views; 1,097 social actions

10. Geico TV Spot, ‘Cuckoo Clock: Take a Closer Look’

1.45 percent digital SOV; 9,449 online views; 973 social actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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