Toys ‘R’ Us Becomes Packaged Goods Retailer

Toys “R” Us today (Wednesday) announced it is expanding front-of-store offerings to include everything from paper goods to light snacks to laundry detergent.
The “R” Market, as the shops are called, are part of the company’s effort to make the shopping experience easier. They contain more than 1,300 everyday and discretionary items, and will “provide busy parents with the convenience of finding everything they need for their kids under one roof,” CEO Jerry Storch said in a statement.
“R” Markets have debuted in more than 260 of the company’s 585 Toys “R” Us stores, with more to come later this year.
Tapping into consumer demand for value, Toys “R” Us is offering some of the items sold in the “R” Market at bulk or value prices. Food products include fruit snacks, cereals and nutrition bars from name brands. The retailer has simultaneously expanded its baby care essentials to include even more items from Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best.