Utah Transit Authority: TEENAGE TRANSPORT

AGENCY: Fotheringham & Associates/Salt Lake City
ART DIRECTOR: Jay Griffith
DIRECTOR: T.C. Christensen/Visual Transit Authority, Salt Lake City
CLIENT: UTA Summer Youth Pass
Fotheringham & Associates/Salt Lake City takes a page out of the ‘Be young, have fun’ book of advertising in a spot for the Utah Transit Authority’s Summer Youth Pass. The amusing ad is aimed at the pre-driver’s license set and offers UTA’s bus pass as the alternative to a summer of terminal boredom.
The spot opens on a typical teen’s bedroom with a voiceover that empathizes, ‘Summer. No school. No responsibilities. No schedule. Which is great until about 10 after 2 the day after school lets out, at which point you realize you’re bored stiff.’ With that, the typical teen shoots up from beneath a pile of clothes and bedcovers with his best Pepsi-generation scream. The spot then explains, in a series of quick-cut shots, the advantages of the $20 youth pass for Salt Lake City’s fun-seeking teens.
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