Visa “Music”

This new Visa spot featuring people singing along to Rick James has an energy and humor we haven’t yet seen in the new “More People Go with Visa” campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day. Problem is, as much we all love that classic tune, the payoff feels quite ordinary. All sorts of people are shown singing the ’80s hit, from a basketball player to a cowboy and a karaoke singer. The freakiest part of the spot is when a guy tries to dance but instead looks like he’s trying to dislodge a mouse that’s crawled inside his pants. Morgan Freeman’s voiceover asks, “Who isn’t a little freaky?” But all that follows is a very average scene of a woman sitting in front of her laptop, using her check card to buy a Rick James anthology. What’s so freaky about that? Where are the freaks and the freaky? The spot ends with Freeman telling us, “More people go funky with Visa. It’s always fun to get funky with Rick James, but in the end that’s all this spot gives is about. -Eleftheria Parpis

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