Want a Happy Cactus? Play It Rain Sounds, Says Spotify’s Life Hacks Campaign

Better than actual water, plus other helpful playlists

Spotify isn’t just a music streaming service—it’s a tool for life.

The tech company is out with a fresh campaign from agency Eleven. Titled “Just Add Spotify,” it illustrates all the little (and sometimes big) ways its audio can help you through the day—and the night.

Featuring a series of Spotify’s thematic playlists, the centerpiece website—justaddspotify.com—addresses such gnawing questions as “What’s wrong with my succulent?” and “How am I still hungover?”

The answers, naturally, are curated tracks—chill-out music to get you past that vodka headache, and gentle rains plus other nature sounds for your cactus—so you can tend to it without over-watering it (and so it doesn’t get lonely).

Other highlights include “What’s the deal with ASMR?”—which offers a show-don’t tell approach to explaining the somewhat baffling yet irrefutably effective trend of using certain auditory stimuli to help soothe your jacked-up nervous system. (Check out ASMR Sleep Sounds for a trial dose, and a laugh).

Then there’s the “Push Playlist” and podcasts for expecting mothers—and in the ultimate cheeky life-hacks category, Timeless Love songs for those moments at work when you miss your dog.

Created by Eleven after a competitive pitch, and slated to roll out across digital, social and PR, the campaign is also proof that while music may be one of easier and more fun categories to advertise—there’s still plenty of room to get clever with it.

@GabrielBeltrone gabriel.beltrone@gmail.com Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.
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