The 1980s Saw Globalization, Agency Fragmentation and Some of the Best Ads Ever Made

Amidst the tumultuous 1980s, the ad industry did some of its best work ever, from Apple's "1984" to Nike's "Just do it."

bubbles of pink with people sectioned off inside of and outside of the bubbles

Too Many Women Still Feel Vulnerable Working in Advertising

There’s far too much discrimination happening in the advertising industry, even 35 years later.


The 1990s Were a Revolutionary Decade That Forever Changed How We Watch TV

The '90s were a revolutionary decade for TV, with the Gulf War, Fox and HBO forever changing how, when and what we watch.

Illustration of a coiled snake with people sitting on it while using devices

Access and Regulations to Collide in the 2020s, as the Battle to Redefine Privacy Plays Out

Access and regulations will collide in the 2020s, as the battle to redefine privacy takes shape.

Mia Hamm, Grace Mirabella and Linda Yaccarino

10 Pioneering Women Who Came to Life in the Pages of Adweek

While women have finally begun getting a well-earned spotlight in recent years, Adweek was on the lookout for female talent from the start.

Editor’s Letter: A Look Back (and Ahead) at Marketing Moments That Define Adweek

Our anniversary issue looks at both our own coverage as well as marketers' biggest moments over 40 years.


The 2000s: Most Disruptive Decade Since World War II

The Aughts may be the most disruptive decade since World War II: Google hits its stride, the iPhone debuts and other pivotal moments.


In the 2010s, Technology Brought Us Closer Together and Threatened to Tear Us Apart

The 2010s were the connected era, with technology bringing us closer together and threatening to tear us apart.

4 Decades of Trends, Issues and Players That Have Shaped Marketing and Media as We Know It

The first issue of Adweek came out Nov. 19, 1979, and this issue, which 6 million people will read online and in print, is proof it was needed.

a black and white headshot of Lee Clow sitting on a couch

For Adweek’s 40th Anniversary, Lee Clow Looks Back on How Advertising Has Grown Up

The ‘60s creative revolution gave rise to the West Coast’s freestyle: its irreverence, its imagination, its industry-challenging innovation.

Michael Jordan, and iPod and Joe Camel

40 Years of Scoops, Bloops and Other Surprises From Adweek’s Archives

Here’s some of the more noteworthy fare that’s popped up in the pages of Adweek since 1979.

an older man (ken fadner) sitting in front of an adweek issue

How Adweek Survived Wars, Recessions and Advertising’s Ups and Downs

Forty years ago today, Ken Fadner was one of the three co-founders of Adweek.

The Most Fascinating Spokespeople of the Last 40 Years

From Ivana Trump to Orson Welles, these unlikely men and women pitched TVs, at-home hair dye and budget wine.

Execs From P&G, Citi and Verizon on the Evolution of Adweek

'We're hitting a tipping point,' says P&G CBO Marc Pritchard.

The Champions of Diversity and Inclusion on What Adweek Has Meant to Them

'I know that it'll be another 40, 50, 60 years!'