Nike Celebrates the Inspiring Spirit of Middle Eastern Women in New Ad

Spot continues brand's "You Can't Stop Us" narrative.

This Beautiful Animation For an Addiction Charity Shows the Power of Love and Support

3D animated spot for Partnership to End Addiction shows importance of human connections in overcoming addiction.

Shot of a woman dancing

Apple Just Dropped a New iPhone 12 Pro Ad That Shows Off Device’s Moviemaking Power

The spot features an original score by Danny Elfman.

This Might Be One of the Most Lovely and Unexpected McDonald’s Ads Ever

TBWA\Paris brings the wonder of reading to life.

Bruce Willis Is Back in a New Die Hard… Battery Ad

Advance Auto Parts created a cinematic rug-pull with agency The Marketing Arm.

Xbox Releases Epic Ad for Its New Consoles as High-Stakes Holiday Shopping Season Nears

Xbox has released an epic new ad as it looks to win over market share from arch-rival Sony PlayStation, in what is a very high-stakes year for the brands as [...]

Pornhub’s Ad Implores You to Stop Using Household Objects as Sex Toys

Hey, we all get bored. And a little lonely. But that’s no reason to take your sexual frustrations out on the innocent objects scattered throughout your home. There are devices [...]

To Sell a Microwavable Burger, These Ads Celebrate Things That Are ‘Better Than Expected’

The thought of putting a hamburger in the microwave is pretty unsettling to most Americans, and judging by the U.K. ads we’ve seen in recent years for British brand Rustlers, [...]

Bare-Ass Hugh Jackman Proudly Swears to ‘Only Wear’ the Boots He’s Now Endorsing

R.M. Williams finds a truly committed spokesman in painfully funny ad from Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort studio.

Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill Are Rivals in Uber Eats’ Charmingly Confrontational Ads

For fans of epic space adventures, there is a debate that will never die: Star Wars or Star Trek? And those who take a side tend to stick to it [...]

As Entrepreneurship Booms, Squarespace’s Bold Ads Urge Aspiring Founders to Aim High

Squarespace’s category is booming, unlike many industries during this economic downturn.

This Gorgeous Ad Takes You Into the Brilliant Mind of the World’s First Black Chess Grandmaster

Cognac brand tells the story of how Maurice Ashley pushed the limits of his mind to make history.

ESPN and Celine Dion Capture the Mood of a Nation Yearning for Football

Sports fans haven’t had many reasons for excitement in 2020, with several keystone events canceled and seasons delayed. Even when sports like basketball have seemed on the path to returning [...]

Apple’s New Ad Champions Privacy by Reminding Us About Everything We’d Rather Keep Quiet

Some of our personal data needs to be kept private to protect us from hackers and thieves. But a lot of it is just flat-out embarrassing. Apple covers both groupings [...]