John Stamos Will Knit You a Scarf If Geico’s Savings Aren’t Enough for You

He joins Idina Menzel and DJ Khaled in Martin Agency's campaign about truly personal service.

Apple Brilliantly Imagines a Parallel Universe Where Hollywood Always Used Vertical Video

La La Land's Damien Chazelle directs a 9-minute celebration of a long-maligned format.

Screenshot from Beyond Meat TV ad

Beyond Meat’s First TV Ad Puts Earth, Wellness and Celebrities Front and Center

The brand anthem, from agency Mythology, highlights an increasingly high-stakes category.

Screenshot from the rooftop tennis video

Roger Federer Surprised 2 Girls With a Match After Their Quarantine Tennis Video Blew Up

Pasta brand Barilla creates a once-in-a-lifetime moment for young fans who played on rooftops.

With Poetic Optimism for the Future, Coca-Cola Returns After Months Away From Advertising

Open Like Never Before campaign from 72andSunny Amsterdam asks how the lockdown will have changed us.

Woman wearing a mask with a birthday cake

As the World’s Bars Reopen, Heineken’s Ad About Social Distancing Is 100% Relatable

Publicis Italy captures the joy and awkwardness of the new normal.

This Ad About Animals in Captivity Will Cast Your Lockdown Frustrations in a New Light

Aardman revisits its classic short "Creature Comforts," this time with audio from Brits in quarantine.

Image from Halo: Infinite

Inside the Cinematic, Incredibly Detailed Rebirth of Halo Marketing

Joining forces with the creators of Westworld's intro, Microsoft and 215 McCann ask gamers to 'Step Inside.'

Apple’s New Ads Capture the Creative Processes of James Blake, Samin Nosrat and More

"Behind the Mac" campaign lets you watch a song, art, architecture and a recipe come together.

Image of CGI Elvis in the Fiat Strada spot

Would Elvis Drive a Fiat? This Fun and Elaborately Produced Ad Might Convince You

Using an impersonator and CGI technology, the production involved 600 people and was filmed in Brazil before the pandemic.

The Most Lovely and Surprising Ad You’ll See Today Is for Viagra

Setting aside jokes and cliché, VMLY&R tells a touching, relatable story of distance in relationships.

Woman with AirPods looking at camera

Apple Just Made the Definitive Ad About Working From Home, and It’s Hilarious

The team from 2019's "Underdogs" is back on a new project. The deadline? Tight. The budget? Slashed. Do they have a remote chance?

Audible Gets Delightfully Vintage to Pitch Audiobooks as Glamorous Vacations

Can't get away this summer? This campaign has some literary journeys in mind.

Finally, a Nice Surprise in 2020: Rian Johnson Just Directed an Ad for Pokémon Go

The Star Wars and Knives Out director helmed a spot for Pokémon GO Fest 2020.

Woman in pain on the bathroom floor

Essity’s Newest Boundary-Pushing Ad Explores the Joy and Agony of Having a Womb

Campaign gives voice to they myriad ways women experience their bodies–from periods to pregnancy, and even miscarriage.