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1 McDonald’s Canada Created a Series of Charming Ads About Why It Likes to Hire Friends

Campaign from Cossette celebrates how the brand encourages young people to apply together.

[TITLE] Order a Whopper by Name or GTFO: Burger King Gets Hilariously Bossy With ‘Whopper Mandate’

[EXCERPT] BBH London's one-day U.K. stunt is fantastically brutal.

To Reward Organ Donors While They’re Alive, These Police Are Waiving Their Tickets

'Second Chances' campaign from Donate Life California could be embraced in other communities.

Monster’s New Ad Is a Gut Punch for Anyone Who’s Spent Countless Hours on a Résumé

Brand reunites with MullenLowe.

Nike Wrote a Charming Storybook About Dirk Nowitzki, Europe’s Top Contribution to the NBA

W+K Amsterdam also brought it to life in video.

H&R Block Turns Tax Day Into ‘Relax Day’ by Livestreaming a Sloth Just Chilling

#SlothStream brings a moment of zen to April 15.

Swedish Contraception Brand Highlights That There’s No Right Way to React to a Pregnancy Test

The spots illustrate joy, disappointment and shock, because every woman's situation is different.

The Star Wars IX Trailer Is Here, and It Promises an Epic Conclusion to the Whole Saga

Disney also revealed it will be called The Rise of Skywalker.

KFC’s Award-Winning Ads, Using Spicy Fried Chicken as Flames, Return for Game of Thrones

The initial run of this fun campaign from Hong Kong won big at the Cannes Lions and D&AD.