Publishers Want Independent Governance of The Trade Desk’s New Unified ID

They're willing to embrace the post-cookie solution, but also want a say in how it's run.

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Google Sees Big Potential in Audio for Marketers and Publishers

The ad giant is pushing the use of audio in ad tech for marketers and publishers.

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Facing Pressure, the Ad Industry Bands Together to Build New Standards for Targeted Advertising

The ad world has come together to form the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, just as regulators and Big Tech disrupt the industry.

Meredith and Kroger Lean Into First-Party Data for CPG Advertisers

Meredith and Kroger are coming to market with a data play for CPG advertisers that promises the "holy grail" of closed-loop attribution.

Brands Grow More Sophisticated With In-Housing Strategies

Roughly 70% of brands are in-housing programmatic, but a growing number of them are reverting course.

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Apple Reports Increase in Q2 Revenue Across Products and Services

It topped $59.7 billion in the quarter ending in June despite ad revenue declining due to Covid-19.

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Alphabet Reports First-Ever Revenue Decline in Company History

The company reported a 1.5% drop from the same time last year, but beat analyst expectations.

How Google’s Ad Stack Works and Why Regulators Are Probing Its Dominance

U.S. regulators are looking into Google. Here's what they are searching for.


Publishers Are Aligning to Move Ad Dollars Away From Walled Gardens

They’re collaborating more than ever with advertisers and clients.

The Trade Desk Is Building Version 2.0 of Its Unified ID

The Trade Desk is building out an updated version of its Unified ID solution to prepare for the coming demise of third-party cookies.

Ad Buyers Are Finally Getting Log-Level Data, but Transparency Has Its Difficulties

OpenX is the latest SSP to introduce a transparency product for marketers, but using all this new data can be a challenge.

The Readers Have Spoken: Verizon Media Scores Top Honors

Formerly known as Oath, Verizon Media has spent the last year and a half reshaping its ad-tech stack into one of the most widely used services across digital advertising.

After the Cookie, Kochava and LiveIntent Bet on First-Party Data

Time has been called on third-party cookies, and soon MAIDs will be gone too. Two companies are betting on first-party data.

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Media Industry Awaits the Impact of Apple’s Upcoming iOS 14

Apple revealed the consumer features for iOS 14, but the consequences for a $45 billion industry remain unclear.