False Names and Fake Addresses: Inside Amazon’s Seller Lawsuits

It’s hard to hold sellers accountable, even with Amazon’s help.

Online Grocery Helped Fuel Amazon’s 40% Jump in Sales During ‘Unusual’ Q2

Prime Day is officially delayed until Q4.

Everything We Learned About Amazon From Jeff Bezos’ Antitrust Testimony

20 takeaways from the CEO's appearance before the House Judiciary Committee.

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Can Google Win Back the Market Share It Lost to Amazon?

It's possible, but Amazon has a big lead in shopping.

Amazon Scout in Atlanta

Amazon’s Scout Delivery Bot Expands Its Contact-Free Footprint

Customers in 2 more states will see the self-driving device.

illustration of a woman standing in front of charts and graphs with the amazon logo to her left

Why Providing Contact Info Won’t Curb Bad Seller Behavior on Amazon

If sellers aren't obvious about their business addresses or other personal information, the policy is meaningless.

blue background with white text that reads welcome to camp prime with people doing camp activities on the letters

Amazon Wants to Save Summer for Kids Stuck at Home With Its Camp Prime

Amazon announced that it will team up with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to simulate a summer camp experience for kids across the country.

amazon smart cart

Amazon’s New Grocery Store Will Have Smart Carts With a Familiar Name

Just Walk Out technology meets "small- to medium-sized grocery trips."

redskins baseball hats

Amazon Tells Sellers to Remove Washington Redskins Merchandise

Walmart and Target have also discontinued sales of the team's products.

Photo of an Amazon office

Amazon’s Latest Effort to Stop Fakes: Sharing Seller Information

U.S. merchants will have to share their addresses.

four tech CEOs in front of the capitol

CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Set for Antitrust Showdown

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google will go before the House Judiciary Committee this month.

a woman speaking in a zoom call

Small Businesses Can Stock Up for the Connected Consumer

The connected consumer shouldn't be considered daunting for merchants.

Zoox + Amazon logos next to a car

Amazon Acquires Zoox, Paving the Way for Deliveries by Driverless Vehicles

Many brands within the shipping space are investing in automated technology.

Photo of Amazon

Amazon’s Climate Change Arena Is a Net Zero Carbon Stadium That Makes Ice Out of Rainwater

Seattle is getting a permanent reminder of the retail giant's 2019 Climate Pledge.

a red and white sign that says warning neighborhood watch area

Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit Will Root Out Fake Sellers and Products

The new team will help brand and law enforcement.