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How Experts Are Attempting to Combat Artificial Intelligence’s Racist Tendencies

Researchers and activists say a more comprehensive, democratic approach to AI development is needed.

AI Is More Likely to Misidentify Women’s Masks

A Wunderman Thompson data scientist found that computer vision was often fooled.

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Researchers Rank Deepfakes as the Biggest Crime Threat Posed by AI

A new UCL study sheds a light on the use of artificial intelligence in a variety of crimes.

This Startup Is Building Covid-19 Chatbots With Governments and Tech Giants

Coronavirus brings renewed demand for conversational AI.

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We Asked Today’s Most Advanced Storytelling AI to Co-Write a Story About Itself

AI Dungeon shows the power of GPT-3, the next generation of content automation.

This Browser Extension Uses AI to Narrate Articles With Natural-Sounding Speech

Podcastle wants to offer podcasters access to realistic-sounding AI narration.

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Microsoft Creates AI That Can Generate a Realistic Singing Voice

Microsoft's DeepSinger could have implications for the music industry.

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This AI Songwriting Platform Can Imitate Kendrick Lamar or Taylor Swift

The algorithm, created by U.K. website builder Zyro, is trained on more than 50 hours of lyrics from each artist.

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Meet the Security Robot That May Be Coming to Your Local Store or Office Park

Badger Technologies' PatrolBot was designed to be as friendly as possible.

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Two-Thirds of Business Executives Say Covid-19 Hasn’t Slowed AI Projects

Some 40% even said the pandemic even accelerated their efforts.

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An Image Depixelator That Whitewashes People of Color Has Opened Rifts in the AI Community

The debate is between engineers who blame datasets and others who say the problems are much deeper.

This Startup Is Trying to Foster an AI Art Scene in Korea

A graphics company is starting Korea's first-ever AI art gallery.

Experimental New AI Can Autocomplete Images With the Same Technology as Predictive Text

The research marks a significant step in understanding how machines process images and language.

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IBM Watson Advertising and Ad Council Will Use AI to Help Brands Do Social Good

IBM and the Ad Council want to help marketers leverage the power of artificial intelligence to its full capacity.