4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau Tackles Misinformation

As we enter the home stretch of the 2020 election season, misinformation and disinformation is top of mind, with implications for platforms, advertisers and agencies alike. On IPG’s third quarter [...]

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When It Comes to Brands, ‘Cancel Culture’ Is the Right Approach

Brands need to be more worthy and authentically prove that worthiness across a broader spectrum of actions than ever before.

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The ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ Will Be Authentic, Community-Led and Forward-Thinking

Insights from Helen of Troy, Pattern and Nike during Adweek's The Future of Shopping summit.

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Top Global Brands Showed Resilience and Saw Increases Through Pandemic

The 100 most valuable companies proved they could persevere.

IPG Mediabrands Lay Out 10 Media Responsibility Principles

The new guidelines are intended as a call to action for companies to protect the communities they serve.

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Dixie Chicks Drop the ‘Dixie’ From Their Name

"We want to meet this moment," the band says.

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How to Be a Brand Ally Without Adding to the Noise

As influencers on public opinion, those of us at the helm of brands have a responsibility drive change beyond issuing boilerplate statements.

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It’s (Mostly) Official: Lego Is the World’s Most Loved Brand

These are the practices that lead consumers to feel affection for companies.

Good Man Brand’s Values Give It a Solid Footing in Turbulent Times

Startups such as Good Man Brand provide both inspiration and a blueprint for how to position a brand during a turbulent time.

L’Oréal’s Post on Protests Reignites Racism Controversy

As beauty brand drops "Lessons of Worth" campaign, fans are demanding it practice what it preaches.


From Facebook to KFC—11 Brands Honor Moms in Light of the Pandemic

Mother's Day may look different this year, but these brands still think the holiday is work commemorating.

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A 4-Step Roadmap to Help Brands Create a Marketing Plan for the ‘New Normal’

Start planning for the new normal with this guideline. The key to the kingdom is the recovery marker.

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Challengers Are Filling Gaps and Creating Consumer Countercultures

Purpose-driven and authentic challenger brands have risen to address the needs of emerging consumer counterculture segments.

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Live Experiences Need Brands Now More Than Ever

Brands find themselves in an uncertain space—and we can't lose the momentum or the success we’ve gained through years of hard work.

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5 Ways to Reframe Your Thinking and Marketing

It’s time to reframe your thinking, to get creative, get practical and help people through this difficult time.