Kraft Heinz Is Reducing Its Agencies by Half

The company plans to cut the number of agencies it works with in half, while boosting its consumer-facing marketing efforts.

Unilever to Halt Kid-Targeted Marketing on All Food and Beverage Products

The company owns several brands of ice cream treats and popsicles.

You Don’t Know Andrea Weiss, but You Probably Love Her Retail Brands

Andrea Weiss is not a household name, but many of the consumer and retail brands she’s helped fashion over the decades certainly are.

After Months of Turbulence, Brandless Is Shutting Down

Brandless, once a bright spot in the DTC industry, is shutting down.

Edgewell Personal Care Backs Out of Harry’s Acquisition

Edgewell Personal Care has rescinded its $1.3 billion acquisition Harry’s, a DTC shaving brand.

Del Monte’s Quest to Change How Americans Feel About Canned Produce

The view that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, while frozen and canned are not, is a problem for companies like Del Monte.

P&G’s Push for Diverse Voices Doubles as Brand Building

"People want to see authentic stories," says chief brand officer Marc Pritchard.

Chobani Promotes Its New Oat Milk by Paying Tribute to the Real Thing

Chobani's oat-based products aren't here to replace milk, but rather exist alongside it.

’90s Babies, Rejoice—General Mills Is Bringing Back Dunkaroos

The vanilla-cookie-icing combo combo hits shelves this summer.

Inside Tide’s Epic Super Bowl Ode to Procrastination

Saatchi & Saatchi New York aims for the high bar it set with 2018's fan favorite award winner "It's a Tide Ad."