Infographic: Asian-American Consumers Want Brands to Honestly Reflect Their Lifestyles

Audio elements like dialogue spoken in their native languages can more effectively engage Asian-American consumers.

Checkers & Rally’s Sees Comparable Sales Spike as It Looks to Restructure Debt

Checkers & Rally's, as a drive-thru restaurant chain, was perfectly positioned headed into the pandemic.

Illustration of Kevin Hart, Sophia Bush, Steve Aoki and Priyanka Chopra

Infographic: Despite Public Scrutiny, Consumers Still Engage With Celebrity Content

Brands that had partnerships with stars saw spikes in engagement during quarantine and lockdowns.

an infographic of different boxes with percentages on them

Infographic: What Images People Are Searching for During Quarantine

Getty Images shares data on its trending searches since mid-March.

says brand in the middle and has a bunch of small icons floating around with stats

Infographic: What Gen Z Wants to See From Brands During a Pandemic

Almost 90% of younger consumers want companies to acknowledge Covid-19.

Infographic: As Retailers Reopen, Gen Z and Millennials Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Some nonessential shopping is back on the table for many eager customers.

cashier with face mask ringing up groceries

Infographic: Shopping for Flour? Sure, So Is the Rest of America

People are shopping less, but buying more groceries—especially in the category of flour, mixes and more.

TV news consumption has grown significantly during the coronavirus pandemic and more people are streaming.

Infographic: Cord Cutting, Streaming and Binge Watching Are the New Normal

TV news consumption has grown significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, and more people are streaming entertainment.

The project features adjectives that differ between men and women.

Infographic: #BiasCorrect Campaign Results Show There’s Still Work to Be Done

Catalyst's OOH campaign with Burns Group raises awareness of gender bias.

illustration of a water bottle

Infographic: an Inside Look at Lifewtr’s Recycling Process

Lifewtr will no longer use virgin plastic in its bottles. Here's a graphic look at its multistep recycling process.

The purple squirrel is made up with magical attributes.

Infographic: What’s a Purple Squirrel, and How Do You Become One?

What makes up an amazing purple squirrel, according to these marketing leaders.

the average workweek for a marketing pro is 40-49 hours, and many work weekends.

Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Modern Marketer

Research from The Creative Group shows the average workday and workweek.

illustration of cars racing

Infographic: How Nascar Is Driving Efforts to Become More Diverse

Nascar is trying to be more diverse at all levels, and it's seeing more female fans and women in the C-suite.

People are picking up their phones for a pick-me-up shopping experience.

Infographic: It’s Not Just About Material Gifts on Valentine’s Day Anymore

More people are buying experiences for loved ones in the lead-up to Valentine's Day.

a budweiser beer bottle

AB InBev, P&G, PepsiCo Are the Biggest Super Bowl Ad Spenders

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event of the year, and these were its biggest spenders.