Infographic: Retailers Beware, You’re in for a … Scary Drop in Halloween Foot Traffic

Costume and candy shops won't see as much patronage this holiday due to the pandemic.

Illustration of buildings and a moving truck with items

Infographic: As Consumers Vacate Cities, They Still Crave Familiar Retail Experiences

People are seeking out certain goods and services to make the transition seamless.

graphic of a couple watching tv with a head and dog floating nearby

Infographic: Consumers Are Burned Out by Advertising With Covid-19 Messaging

As with most marketing, they are especially sick of those that feel disingenuous.

Infographic: Moms Look to Local TV for Updates, and Well-Placed Ads Could Catch Their Eye

Marketers using only social media ads might miss this demographic who prefer to get their news through broadcast.

cloud with lightning bolt over houses, buildings and dollar signs

Infographic: CMOs Show Strength as They Prioritize Long-Term Growth and Community

Despite the pandemic, there is high confidence in chief marketing officers.

Illustration of people and social media

Infographic: Consumers Take to Social Media to Express Frustrations With Covid Tracing Apps

Hootsuite analyzed data from users to see how conversations were transforming, and many were angry with the latest developments.

neiman marcus storefront

Neiman Marcus Puts Digital Transformation at the Center of Its Bankruptcy Emergence Plan

The luxury retailer is replacing its print magazine with a digital campaign this fall that will serve as the hub for its ecommerce efforts.

stacks of money, graphs, an elephant, a donkey, various icons

Infographic: Connected TV and Programmatic Are Major Players in Digital Political Marketing

This year's election cycle will see a shift in spending priorities, according to experts in the field.

Infographic: Asian-American Consumers Want Brands to Honestly Reflect Their Lifestyles

Audio elements like dialogue spoken in their native languages can more effectively engage Asian-American consumers.

Checkers & Rally’s Sees Comparable Sales Spike as It Looks to Restructure Debt

Checkers & Rally's, as a drive-thru restaurant chain, was perfectly positioned headed into the pandemic.

Illustration of Kevin Hart, Sophia Bush, Steve Aoki and Priyanka Chopra

Infographic: Despite Public Scrutiny, Consumers Still Engage With Celebrity Content

Brands that had partnerships with stars saw spikes in engagement during quarantine and lockdowns.

an infographic of different boxes with percentages on them

Infographic: What Images People Are Searching for During Quarantine

Getty Images shares data on its trending searches since mid-March.

says brand in the middle and has a bunch of small icons floating around with stats

Infographic: What Gen Z Wants to See From Brands During a Pandemic

Almost 90% of younger consumers want companies to acknowledge Covid-19.

Infographic: As Retailers Reopen, Gen Z and Millennials Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Some nonessential shopping is back on the table for many eager customers.

cashier with face mask ringing up groceries

Infographic: Shopping for Flour? Sure, So Is the Rest of America

People are shopping less, but buying more groceries—especially in the category of flour, mixes and more.