Mercedes-Benz Canada Used 88,000 Pounds of Ice to Create Ongoing Brand Love

Mercedes-Benz Canada's first #MBOwnsTheIce took over the small town of Gimli, Manitoba for two days of Canadian winter-themed experiences.

Stella Artois’ Valentine’s Day Campaign Encourages Consumers to Take a Breather

The Anheuser-Busch brand's new campaign includes charming ads, interactive billboards and experiential programs.

Mars Wrigley and Bumble Use Experiential to Embrace Galentine’s Day

The confectionery company partnered with Bumble for its third pop-up, which acknowledges that Valentine's Day traditions are changing.

Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Mark a Tipping Point for How Conferences Address Disease?

Many events hope it's a passing concern, but others are investing in screening technology.

Tiffany’s Flagship Next Door Brings Iconic Brand to Luxurious Life

All levels of service and experiential at Tiffany's Flagship Next Door in New York.

Visa Unites Women in Sports and Design at New York Fashion Week

Fresh off Super Bowl sponsorship, the financial services company doubled down on New York Fashion Week activations.

On the Adweek Podcast: The Retail Experience in 2020

Yeah, That's Probably an Ad talks experiential marketing in retail, online dating and diversity efforts.

Retail Has Struggled but Is Using Experiential to Keep Consumers Invested

Through activations and pop-ups, retail brands are hoping to garner consumer interest.

Kimpton Spotlights All-Women Photographers With New Fotografiska Partnership

Kimpton partnership with Fotografiska museum brings installations featuring female photographers to six U.S. hotels this year.

Dove’s Sustainable Vending Machine Celebrated Move to 100% Recycled Plastic

Dove hosted a day-long activation in New York as part of commitment to reduce annual CO2 emissions.