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That’s an opening line if I’ve ever seen one. Stuff in the middle is less hooky, more sinky. The end is all it takes to get to the beginning. And [...]

How The Richards Group Can Keep the Business Going Amid Its Moment of Crisis

The agency's prospects are grim but not unsalvageable.

Harder to replace

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October 13 Apple New Test

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For Hershey’s, the pandemic impacted Easter, the company’s biggest buying season which meant throwing their existing media playbook out of the window. New strategies emerged and carried the brand through [...]

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As Amazon’s sixth annual Prime Day approaches, so does the unofficial start of the 2020 holiday shopping season. Much remains to be seen, including how much consumers are willing to spend before [...]

Top 10 Fastest Growing US Agencies in the Southeast

Firms from Virginia to Georgia and Florida paced the region.

PayPal Survived the Dot-Com Bubble and Swept the Digital Financial Services Industry

Its founders also kept innovating with future tech projects, such as Facebook and YouTube.

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The hero has no preroll The first inline video has a preroll. The second inline video plays the video, it has no preroll. The last inline video has a preroll.

Lead Media (with preroll) and Two Videos (different prerolls)

The hero media shows a preroll. The first inline video plays the video, no preroll. The second inline video shows a preroll, then video.

Inline Video with preroll different settings

The first video shows a preroll. The second video does not show a preroll.

Mix n Match video prerolls

The hero video has no preroll. The first inline video plays a preroll. Then the second video has no preroll. Finally the last video has a preroll.