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A Black-Owned Lifestyle Platform Is Reclaiming The Narrative Behind the Phrase ‘Go Back to Africa’

FBC/SIX and travelers show the beauty of the continent.

Create & Cultivate Founder Built a Business on the Belief That Female Entrepreneurs Deserve the Influencer Treatment

The company was born out of desire to put on fun—not stodgy—events for women.

Could Ad-Supported Music Spur the Monetization of Voice Tech?

So far, promotional audio 2.0 looks like radio ads.

Beeswax Introduces ‘Bid Models’ to Power In-House Programmatic Strategies

It's the company's way of bringing walled garden algorithm outside of the walled gardens.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Sells to Marquee Brands for Over $200 Million

It dropped over $100 million after it was bought in 2015 for $353 million.

Pledges to Rebuild Notre Dame Already Total to Almost $700 Million. Here Are the Brands Chipping In

Just 24 hours after the devastating fire, some household names are stepping up.

Timex Is Celebrating 165 Years With a New Watch Collection That Brings Production Back to the U.S.

The 4 American Documents watches will all be handmade in America.

On the Adweek Podcast: Game of Branded Thrones

Plus, we get the inside scoop on Disney +.

Pereira O’Dell Curated a Network of Creators to Produce On-Demand Social Content for Brands

Briefly fills the need for marketers to constantly feed their various channels.