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For Hershey’s, the pandemic impacted Easter, the company’s biggest buying season which meant throwing their existing media playbook out of the window. New strategies emerged and carried the brand through [...]

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio on Being TikTok Titans and Building a Brand Beyond Social Media

An interview with our 2020 Young Influentials cover stars.

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Meet Adweek’s 2020 Young Influentials Who Are Shaping Media, Marketing and Tech

From teen TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelo to the vp who scored big for Hulu, these young influentials are changing everything from what we binge to how we talk [...]

Peroni Creates Beer-Flavored Gelato for Beer Day (and It’s Free!)

The Molson Coors-owned brand partnered with Il Laboratorio del Gelato on the frozen creation.

black and white photo of a devastated hiroshima after the bomb fell

75 Years After the Hiroshima Bombing, Mazda Looks Back on the Long Road It Traveled

There are many lessons—and even optimism—that a brand can learn from a catastrophe.

This Portland Agency Is Dotting the City With Tiny Billboards to Help Small Businesses

Protests and vandalism have caused a major retail slump.

two black zippo lighters on rocks with engravings of space on them

Zippo Fires Up a Special Mars Lighter Following NASA’s Latest Space Launch

The latest installment of commemorative lighters from the famous American brand centers once again around space exploration.

How Harpoon Brewery—Boston’s IPA Pioneer—Landed Its New Look

"They had a great story to tell, but they weren’t telling it on the packaging."

How the Seattle Kraken Became the NHL’s Best-Selling Expansion Team Overnight

The Seattle Kraken sifted through 1,200 names to pick a winner and develop its branding.

The 16 Most Innovative and Relevant Ad-Tech and Mar-Tech Companies, According to You

Presenting the winners of Adweek's second annual Readers' Choice: Best of Tech Awards.

King Arthur Flour’s Rebrand Aligns With a Lockdown-Inspired Trend

The 230-year-old brand—now King Arthur Baking Company—has a new name and logo that reflect its evolution.

A CBD Brand Mowed This 76-Acre Artwork Into a Kansas Wheat Field

Charlotte's Web wants to "ignite conversations for open access to hemp in all states."

Customer Feedback Inspired Native’s New Plastic-Free Paper Packaging for Its Deodorant

The all-natural product is available online in paper-based applicators in 5 different scents.

Photo of people in new Icelandic soccer jerseys

How This Agency Brilliantly Reimagined the Identity for Iceland’s National Soccer Team

Brandenburg’s modern, well-received logo tells the story of the nation.

Asian American Marketing Leaders Want to Smash ‘Model Minority’ Myth

Amid rising discrimination, participants in Adweek's Asian American Summit encourage the expression of anger and support for colleagues.