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the first example shows a square + rectangular pair. These open in a new tab. the second example shows a pair of rectangular teasers. These open in the same tab. [...]

Screenshot of NexTech event

Here’s Where US Data Privacy Regulation Is Headed

New York's chief deputy attorney general for economic justice on what comes next.

Scott Galloway

The World According to Scott Galloway, in 6 Short Video Clips

The professor, author and entrepreneur speaks about the future of marketing, tech and life as we know it.

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Here’s How Programmatic Advertisers Can Build and Maintain Consumer Trust

At Adweek’s NexTech 2020 Virtual Summit, industry experts discussed the importance of ethics in tech.

Professor Scott Galloway speaking with Big Tech CEOs in background and Adweek NexTech logo

Understanding the Massive Scale of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook

Professor Scott Galloway says governments will never be able to catch up with Big Tech engineers, and they need to be broken up.

Where Does America Stand on a National Digital Privacy Law?

America is facing a patchwork of digital privacy laws, but momentum is building for federal guidelines.

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MDC Partners CEO Mark Penn Is Placing His Bets on Addressable TV

He thinks it will siphon money away from tech giants.

Image of Terence Kawaja with Big Tech CEOs in red background

The ‘Programmatic Endgame’ Is Coming, Says Luma Partners’ Terence Kawaja

Ad tech’s top investment banker predicts 5 market segments driving future M&A deals.

Scott Galloway at NexTech

5 Memorable Takeaways From Professor Scott Galloway’s NexTech Tour de Force

How advertising ‘sucks’ and why Big Tech must be broken up.

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How a Better Understanding of the Digital Media Supply Chain Can Give Brands a Leg Up

Complexity is the name of the game in programmatic advertising, but that can be used to a competitive advantage.

Here Are the Ad Formats Brands Are Getting from Peacock

NBCU's streaming service launched with a groundbreaking AVOD strategy.

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The Trade Desk Has No Interest in Running Yield Management

The Trade Desk has serious ambitions for its Unified ID 2.0 rollout plus its ongoing CTV strategy, CEO Jeff Green talks to Adweek about these plans at NexTech 2020.

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Walmart Sees Ecommerce Grow 74% During Pandemic

For Walmart, it has been a dramatic past few months as the legacy brick-and-mortar continues to invest in its digital operations.


Publishers Are Aligning to Move Ad Dollars Away From Walled Gardens

They’re collaborating more than ever with advertisers and clients.

4 Keys to Modernizing Customer Experience Measurement Strategies

SAS's Jennifer Chase on what marketers should consider to evolve attribution.