a bag of reese

How Reese’s Pieces Landed Its Big Break With Help From the Alien Who Wanted to Go Home

When Mars Inc. passed on having M&Ms featured in E.T., the opportunity went to Hershey's.

Photo of Axe deodorant

Axe Has Matured Into a Brand That Wants to Empower Its Mostly Male Teen Users

The sweet and woody body spray made quite a transformation since its debut.

PayPal Survived the Dot-Com Bubble and Swept the Digital Financial Services Industry

Its founders also kept innovating with future tech projects, such as Facebook and YouTube.

the inside of a home depot

Home Depot Has Long Dominated America’s Newest Pastime: Home Improvement Projects

The Atlanta-born giant changed how people spruce up their abodes.

A Lincoln with doors open

Once a Symbol of Luxury, Lincoln Is Getting a Second Wind With Millennials

Though the Continental is driving into the sunset, young drivers are discovering the brand.

How Clorox Took Over the Cleaning World and Became a Household Staple

The brand's reputation for killing germs makes it popular across industries.

jif peanut butter with extra info coming out

No Matter How You Pronounce It, Jif Is a Kitchen Staple—Especially for Choosy Moms

Peanut butter lovers are notoriously loyal to their brand of choice.

bugs bunny in a superman outfit with notes about his teeth and fur

Don’t Look Now, Doc, but America’s Original Influencer Bugs Bunny Just Turned 80

Merch and new opportunities, like video game franchises, keep popping up for the trickster rabbit.

nascar racing on a track featuring a number 2 car with boxes of info

Because of Its Willingness to Change, Nascar Is Still in the Race for Younger Viewers

Removing the Confederate flag from all races was a step in the right direction for audiences.

bubble wrap with text bubbles on it

As More People Shop Online, Bubble Wrap Is Surging in Popularity Again

It can be found in millions of packages as well as the Guinness World Records book.

Crocs Found a Way Back Onto People’s Feet Amid the Pandemic

The ugly yet comfortable clog became a staple for bustling healthcare workers with its 'Free Pair for Healthcare' initiative.

closeup of a scrabble game board

Though Deceptively Simple, Scrabble Has a Consumer Appeal That’s Persevered for Decades

The crossword board game has sold over 150 million copies in 29 languages, including English.

bags of Fritos

Born During the Great Depression, Fritos Is Once Again Homebound Americans’ Snack of Choice

The familiar all-American Fritos corn chip is providing a 'sense of reassurance and comfort' during the pandemic.

the child
How Hello Kitty went to space, became an Olympic ambassador and sells 50,000 different products around the world.

How Hello Kitty Became a Global Olympic Ambassador

How Hello Kitty went to space, became an Olympic ambassador and sells 50,000 different products around the world.