TikTok Details Measures to Protect 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

The video-creation platform takes aim at deepfakes, coordinated inauthentic activity.

Twitter to Label Tweets From Key Government Officials, State-Affiliated Media Entities

It only applies to China, France, the Russian Federation, the U.K. and the U.S., for now.

Joe Biden on stack of TV screens

Biden Campaign’s $280 Million Ad Strategy Bets Big on Digital

The connected TV category is a 'must-have.'

What’s Going on With TikTok? Here’s a Quick Podcast Primer

How a fun video platform became a political lightning rod that Trump threatened to ban.

Reddit Kicks Off Its Up the Vote Initiative

The platform said its content gets 165 million votes per day but only 128.8 million voted in the last presidential election.

5 Key Takeaways After Big Tech CEOs Testify in Meandering Antitrust Hearing

Legislators grilled execs from Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook on their industry dominance.

This Somber Ad About Biden’s Family Tragedy Says His Empathy Is Needed in the White House

The campaign, which targets battleground states, is funded by a doctor-led PAC seeking to protect Medicare.

Americans Are Wary of Social Platforms’ Power and Influence Over Politics

Pew Research Center found that 47% of U.S. adults favor more regulation of the sector.

Trump Ad About ‘Chaos’ in U.S. Actually Used Photo From Pro-Democracy Rally in Ukraine

The 2014 image showed clashes that became a revolution, ousting Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovych.

Pew Examines the Partisan Divide on Social Media Among the 116th Congress

Democrats have more followers and are more active, while Republicans see more engagement.

joe biden and donald trump with a facebook logo in the middle and lightning coming out of trump

Political Conventions Are Muddled, but Candidates’ Digital Ad Spend Is Clear

Facebook, in the crosshairs of many brands, is still an effective avenue for political ads.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Accounts Accessed in Large-Scale Twitter Breach

A series of high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked in quick succession Wednesday evening.

UK Government Urges Brits to Embrace ‘New Start’ With Major Brexit Campaign

Ads by MullenLowe encourage businesses to prepare for exiting the EU when the transition period ends in December.

Black People, Younger Users, Democrats More Likely to Turn to Social Platforms for Activism

Pew Research Center examined the impact of race, ethnicity, age and political affiliation among U.S. adults.

Facebook: How to Stop Seeing Political Ads

Users can tell the social network to show them "fewer" advertisements about certain topics.