Remembering the Dead: Obituary Writers Restore Humanity to Covid-19 Crisis

Telling individual stories in the face of unyielding mass casualty is the solemn duty being carried out by newsrooms across the country.

How Time’s Immersive VR Experience Is Emblematic of Its Dream to Build a Modern Media Company

Time created an all-encompassing VR project around the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech.

Michael Bloomberg Bankrolls a Huge Social Media and Text Message Effort in California

There is no quota for social posts, and the posts are staffers’ own content.

The New York Times Expands Its London Team

The announcement comes after a record-setting year for the Times.

Michael Bloomberg’s Instagram Meme Campaign Forces Facebook to Address New Form of Political Ads

Posts must be disclosed as paid, but only boosted posts are subject to its political ads policies.

McClatchy Bankruptcy Filing: a Last-Ditch Effort to Save a Newspaper Company

McClatchy filed for Chapter 11, giving control of one more newspaper company to a hedge fund.

iHeart Media Rolls Out New Ad Marketplace for Podcasts

iHeart Media is the latest audio company to release a custom ad network, after competitors, including Spotify, have gone a similar route.

FTC Seeks Information From Big Tech Companies on Mergers From 2010 to 2019

The FTC issued orders requiring Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to provide information about acquisitions covering the past decade.

Female Directors Were Frozen Out of This Year’s Oscars, so They’re Stealing the Broadcast’s Ads

“You stole our Oscars. So we stole your ads.” Stunt comes from agency Mojo Supermarket.

Instagram’s $20 Billion Ad Revenue Isn’t Exactly a Shock to Marketers

The photo-sharing site is a big chunk of Facebook's business—even beating Google's YouTube.