no touch

How to Design for a World Without Touch

There's a growing need to fill the void of touch.

a heart and bag of money on a scale

There Needs to Be More Accountability in Advertising to Shatter the Status Quo

For an industry that hypes itself as brand builders and positioning experts, isn’t it ironic that all agencies swim in the same generic soup?

Two smartphones showing Instagram Reels

How to Make Sense of Instagram Reels as a Marketer

Is there a marketing niche for Instagram Reels?

player waving to virtual fan

4 Ways Sports Marketers Are Evolving Strategy in the Covid-19 Era

Sports marketers must get creative when delivering the fan experience in this new, unpredictable future.

sound going into an ear

EAPs Will Allow Employees to Be Heard and Have Their Privacy Respected

EAPs can help fill the gap in employee wellbeing and can typically be funded by the reallocation of discretionary budgets.

dad and daughter looking at each other and smiling

Recent Data From Getty Images Shows Increase in Searches for More Diverse Photos

Has 2020 and all of its challenges and movements made us more empathetic?

rocket out of laptop

Even Though This Year Is Overwhelming, Don’t Cancel Your 2020 Product Launch

You'll need to evolve your marketing strategy with the times.


We Must Close the Gap in Marketing Education, Especially Now

The marketing education landscape is continually being reshaped by new ideas, trends and the pandemic.

covid classroom

Students Should Not Be Reunited in the Fall on Campus

There's a real risk posed by reuniting thousands of students on campuses around the country.

tik tok

What Brands Should Know in the (Unlikely) Event of a TikTok Ban

It’s crucial to be aware of how a TikTok ban would impact their customers and selling strategy, and to develop a plan of action that makes sense.


How Gen Z Is Handling Life in Quarantine—and How Marketers Should Help

Absence makes the Gen Z heart grow fonder.


The Hallmark Channel Has to Be Brave to Evolve Its Brand

Companies can utilize a radically different strategy when being accused of moral wrongdoing.


We Need to Get Rid of the Chief Diversity Officer Role

The CDO role must be eliminated and instead replaced and expanded upon with a newly created role to ensure equity as a core function.

people sitting in bricked-in cubicles

It’s Time to Come to Terms With Online Life Falling Short of Our Real-Life Expectations

Nothing is more tragic than watching one of your friends singing Happy Birthday on mute.

many people

How Marketers Should Look at Making Copy and Communications More Inclusive

For marketers, coming to grips with inclusive language can be simple.