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Instagram: How to Use Reels


Share short videos with the world

Instagram: How to See Fewer Pet Ads

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View promotions about different topics instead.

Instagram: How to See Fewer Parenting Ads

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Change your advertising preferences.

Animal Crossing Led Gaming Chatter on Twitter in the First Half of 2020

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Japan tweeted about games the most during this time.

Instagram: How to See Fewer Political Ads

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Tell Instagram to limit ads of this type in your feed.

Instagram for Business: How to Create a Quick Reply

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Answer frequently asked questions. without typing your reply from scratch.

Messenger From Facebook: How to Turn On App Lock on iOS

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iPhone users can protect their conversations with Face ID or Touch ID.

Facebook Gaming Sees 200% Year-Over-Year Growth in Q2 2020

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Hours watched grew significantly in the second quarter.

Instagram for Business: How to Hide Your Category Label

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Businesses can customize the look of their profiles.

WhatsApp: How to Scan Someone’s QR Code

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Add a new contact without knowing their phone number.