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    Here’s What Digital Political Advertising Will Look Like in 2016

    For the past 50 years, television has been the most effective medium for politicians looking to reach voters. This is about to change.

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    3 Ways Programmatic TV Addresses the New Brand-Viewer Dynamic

    We know that the TV media landscape is fragmented—that's a forgone conclusion. What's becoming increasingly obvious to me is that there will be no turning back. TV no longer stands alone. Rather, it's more like a family that includes computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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    6 Cannes Conversation Topics That Capture Our New Media Landscape

    The writer Henry Miller once said of travel that our destination is never a place, but rather a new way of seeing things. Such was the case last week in Cannes, France, as leaders from across the advertising industry gathered to test their latest strategies and search for new ways of thinking.

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    How Content Owners Will Make More Money Than They Do Today

    The TV business is at the top of its game. The content is better than ever, and yet some people are uneasy. Content owners and sell-side tech providers are worried that with things as good as they are, there's nowhere to go but down. Specifically, they point to the massive shift to digital that's happening in TV.

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    3 Ways Programmatic Provides New Opportunities for Creative

    Recently, a creative agency invited me to talk with them about the evolution in media buying technology. They wanted to better understand how programmatic and RTB—two of the driving forces of Advanced TV—were changing the advertising business.

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    What Can the Evolution of TV Teach Us About the Future of Advertising?

    Since the invention of television, the TV business and TV technology have evolved with increasing speed. There have been a few exceptions to this pace of change, and the question of the moment is whether programmatic TV will be one of them. First, a little context.

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    The Process of Buying TV Ads Is About to Undergo a Huge Shift

    Binge and TV are not words that could have gone together 20 years ago. Today, streaming services such as Amazon Instant, Netflix and Roku have made TV binges part of our daily lives.