Jennifer Nelson

  • Can A Facebook App Help Women Determine Whether They Are At Risk For Breast Cancer?


    University of Colorado Health launched an easy Facebook application to help women assess their own risk of breast cancer, in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, The Coloradoan reported. It takes less than one minute for women to visit the Cancer Risk Tool app and answer a few quick questions about their breast health.

    Does Facebook Lift You Up Or Bring You Down?


    A University of Michigan study reported in August that Facebook makes users unhappy. The researchers polled 82 college students and concluded that the act of browsing other people’s highlight reels and comparing them to their own humdrum existences led to depression and loneliness. But that study was hardly fair, nor a reasonable representation of the 700 million daily Facebookers.

    Daughtry Turns To Facebook, Twitter For Title, Artwork Of New Single


    Rock band Daughtry has taken to Facebook and Twitter for the title and artwork of its new single this week. The group’s frontman, "American Idol" alum Chris Daughtry, launched a social media campaign that puts profile pictures of the group's Facebook and Twitter fans into the artwork for the single. The puzzle pictures will eventually reveal the new song title.