Kellie Krumplitsch

  • Bekaert USA: DON’T FENCE ME IN

    Brand Marketing

    AGENCY: Wilson, Horne, McClelland & Gray/AtlantaCREATIVE DIRECTOR: Alex WilsonART DIRECTOR: Jeff GossCOPYWRITER: Rich HaltenPHOTOGRAPHER: Brad NewtonCLIENT: Bekaert USAWire fencing material may not be the most glamorous stuff on the American […]

    Wolf Ranges: NO PLACE LIKE HOME

    Brand Marketing

    AGENCY: The Miller Group/Toluca Lake, Calif.CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Renee MillerART DIRECTOR: Dino SantilliCOPYWRITER: Renee MillerPHOTOGRAPHER: Cary OkazakiCLIENT: Wolf Range Co.Wolf ranges, which for years were available only in professional kitchens, have […]