Portrait of Adam Cohen-Aslatei

Adam Cohen-Aslatei

Adam Cohen-Aslatei is managing director of Chappy.

Showing hero with no preroll and more

TCA Press Tour

The hero has no preroll The first inline video has a preroll. The second inline video plays the video, it has no preroll. The last inline video has a preroll.

How Ad Tech Can Tap Into Consumer Emotions to Drive Digital Sales


They need to start thinking like brand marketers.

How Click-to-Play Is Changing the Realm of Video Advertisements


It respects consumers while also putting them in control.

It’s Time to Swap ‘User’ for the More Personal ‘Consumer’

Brand Marketing

The impersonal term is being phased out by companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Square.

Respect the Moca: Mobile Casual Gamers Are 200 Million Strong but Largely Ignored

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Game apps have grown 50% in 3 years. Are marketers noticing?