Portrait of Adam Pierno

Adam Pierno

Adam Pierno is avp marketing strategy at Arizona State University's Enterprise Marketing Hub. His new book, Specific, is about the ways modern brands learn from art, memes and urban legends.

A person using an electronic cigarette

Changing Perception of E-Cigarettes Could Affect Other Industries


When it comes to regulation, there is rarely time to act, but always the ability to overreact.

New facebook all caps logo on a black and white card

Facebook’s New Logo Is Neutral—and That’s the Point


It isn’t intended to design a point of view; it is intended to communicate the absence of a point of view.

A desk with a desktop computer on it; two red chairs pushed up against the desk; A group of people assembled behind the desk and chairs

How the Internet Morphed Into a Space Run by the Agendas of Massive Corporations


The web has changed from a boundless and free information superhighway to our current reality.

the engine of a boeing 737

How Questionable Media and Political Affiliations Can Shape a Brand’s Response in the Face of a Crisis

Brand Marketing

Boeing and advertisers on YouTube and Tucker Carlson Tonight have all recently dealt with this.

The Trump Presidency Has Forced Marketers to Completely Rethink Their Tactics

Brand Marketing

Brands have had to rework strategies to fit in this seemingly new climate.

How Specific Consumer Benefits Allow a Brand to Reach the Deepest Corners of Its Potential Audience

Brand Marketing

Otherwise there's a risk of landing flat or isolating users.

How Brands Can Use Memes to Connect With Consumers in a New Way


They have to be brave enough to try, though.

How Social Metrics Can Lure Brands Into a Repetitive Rut

Brand Marketing

Likes and shares may boost brand confidence, but it won't lead to a larger audience.