Amy Corr

Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.

Corona Blocked Part of Ipanema Beach With a Wall Made From 3 Days of Trash Gathered There

The activation highlighted the beer brand's partnership with nonprofit Parley for the Oceans.

Tulipan Created a Condom Package That Requires the Consent of Both People to Open It

Four hands are needed to open the box.

On World Water Day, Bacardi Asks Unicode to Drop All Plastic Straws From Emojis

The brand's 'cease and de-sip' letter to the Unicode Consortium

Power Couple Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Get Competitive for Gatorade Zero

They're the first ad stars for the brand's sugar-free product.

P&G Spain Reveals the Stunning Imbalance in Household Duties Between Women and Men

Proximity Madrid's #MentalDownload project found 71% of women felt overloaded, but only 12% of men.

Farmers Insurance Took Actual Claims and Reimagined Them as a Dr. Seuss Story

Ad from RPA celebrates the author’s 115th birthday.

Liberty Mutual Gets Into the Insurance Mascot Game With the Duo of ‘LiMu Emu and Doug’

But those Statue of Liberty ads aren't going anywhere.

Beloved Carvel Ice Cream Monstrosity Cookie Puss Now Has Its Own Beer

The stunt celebrates St. Paddy's Day and Carvel’s 85th year.

BMW Creates a Folk Hero for the Modern Age: the Unstoppable, Mysterious Ol’ McLanden

GS&P turns the obstacles of a daily commute into a true odyssey.

A&W Takes Up a Worthy Cause: Adding the Ampersand (Back) Into the Alphabet

As a temporary protest, the chain's logo has dropped the symbol, which can't be used in URLs or hashtags.