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Andrew Blustein

  • Andrew Blustein is a programmatic reporter at Adweek.

    Publishers Want Independent Governance of The Trade Desk’s New Unified ID

    Ad Tech & Mar Tech

    They're willing to embrace the post-cookie solution, but also want a say in how it's run.

    Joe Biden on stack of TV screens

    Biden Campaign’s $280 Million Ad Strategy Bets Big on Digital


    The connected TV category is a 'must-have.'

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    Google Sees Big Potential in Audio for Marketers and Publishers

    Ad Tech & Mar Tech

    The ad giant is pushing the use of audio in ad tech for marketers and publishers.

    Logos for ANA, P&G, The Trade Desk, 4a

    Facing Pressure, the Ad Industry Bands Together to Build New Standards for Targeted Advertising

    Ad Tech & Mar Tech

    The ad world has come together to form the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, just as regulators and Big Tech disrupt the industry.

    Brands Grow More Sophisticated With In-Housing Strategies

    Ad Tech & Mar Tech

    Roughly 70% of brands are in-housing programmatic, but a growing number of them are reverting course.

    Where Does America Stand on a National Digital Privacy Law?


    America is facing a patchwork of digital privacy laws, but momentum is building for federal guidelines.

    Screenshot from NexTech

    The Trade Desk Has No Interest in Running Yield Management


    The Trade Desk has serious ambitions for its Unified ID 2.0 rollout plus its ongoing CTV strategy, CEO Jeff Green talks to Adweek about these plans at NexTech 2020.

    The Trade Desk Is Building Version 2.0 of Its Unified ID

    Ad Tech & Mar Tech

    The Trade Desk is building out an updated version of its Unified ID solution to prepare for the coming demise of third-party cookies.

    OpenAP Is Giving Its Marketplace a Measurement Boost

    Convergent TV

    OpenAP has formed a partnership with iSpot.TV to bring cross-platform measurement into the advanced TV audience planning platform's offering.

    a man standing clapping his hands together

    This Cybersecurity Firm Was Founded During a Tour in Afghanistan

    Leadership & Talent

    CEO Tamer Hassan went from Air Force pilot to taking down multimillion-dollar online fraud schemes.